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The Judas Effect Series: Story #5 "The Sun Always Shines On TV"

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The Sun Always Shines On TV

It was 5:45 am when Judas finally made it back to her home in San Diego. Barely in time. The first diffused rays of sunlight just begining to peek over palm trees and oceanscape of the southern Californian coastline's horizon. She was dog tired and the sun coming wasn't helping. The heat on her skin was starting to hurt she felt the blood under her skin starting to boil.

As she put the key in the door she noticed a familiar scent on the wind. The scent of raw leather De Sade perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. It must be Santino. He was here, he must be here. She opened the door and shut it behind her. If Santino was here she better be careful. Last time it ended badly. As she surveyed the place it looked like he had cleaned up all the glass and repaired the wiindow Hannah broke when she left. She made her way stealthily to the bedroom door. She could hear him singing some Spanish lullaby in the shower. As she pushed the door to her room open she saw Santino's suitcases on the floor next to the bed. He had made the bed with new linens and pillow cases. She noted the rose petals scattered across the bed, baby peach blossoms, her favorite.

"Judas would you get my back?" he asked from the open bathroom door.
"How do you always know I'm there no matter how quiet I am?" she inquired
"Because I love you" he said, "that and you always smell like roses and leather and you wear a lot of perfume"

They both laughed. It felt so good to finally laugh with Santino again. They used to laugh, long and hard and loud together. There used to be an understanding between them, always a closeness and an intimacy that she never felt before. Always a love, a clean and shiny love that spun from her middle and threw it's rays all through her body. They were always happy together until she went and fucked the one man Santino hated most in the world the very vampire who had created him, Aragon Del Fuego. The lump in her throat came back again. She wanted to scream how sorry she was and how she loved Santino and she would be better and she would be faithful but she had already said those things. No sense saying those things again, no sense stating the obvious anymore.

He stared at her for a long while before he even moved. He turned the faucet nozzles and stepped out of the shower. She swept him up in her tired and rode weary arms and hugged his naked body held for an endless moment before he pulled away to towel off. Something was different about him, stronger, more alive, sexier shinier, more vampiric. Her eyes traced down his body, she delighted in seeing his chest and stomach smooth, flawless and rock hard. His arms were wiry and cut. All his skin was the perfect shade of cafe au lait, slightly dark because of his Spanish heritage and made slightly paler by his vampiric transformation. He was still beautiful, smooth and flawless.

She let her eyes drift to his ass while he dried himself off in front of the mirror. All his muscles perfectly toned, not too big but just exactly how she liked it. He turned around and she saw his cock, proud and thick, long and smooth. Oh how she had studied that cock for many nights over the years. Stared at it, held it, kissed it, sucked and fucked it. That was her cock for so long she knew every detail. He noticed she was looking and the look on her face made him smile.

"Judas, are you staring?"
"Yes, a little. I mean no. Was I?"
"Yes and by the way wipe your chin you naughty girl and get your mind out of the gutter. I am just here to talk"
"Talk?" she laughed, "I bet you just want to talk."
"That's exactly why I am here. Before anything else happens or doesn't I think it is only fair to say that I have forgiven your indescretion with Aragon."
"Oh Santie that's wonderful. Does that mean we can get back together? Will you move back in?"
"That depends on how you take the next thing I have to tell you"
"Okay and what might that be?"
"I fucked someone else, several someone else's actually. Just last week I fucked Amunet and Gabriella together while I video taped it. Still want to get back together?"
"You fucked Gabriella Kundalini?" Judas shouted
"Yes, sad to say I did. It was rubbish too. She kisses like a cow"

They both laughed hard. Judas though, inwardly was seething with rage. Santino knew how bad Judas had always been jealous of and hated Gabriella. This was most definitely for revenge. Though as rotten a bastard as he had been sleeping with Gabriells, what she had done by sleeping with Aragon was far worse. In that case Santino had slept with someone she hated but in her case she slept with someone Santino loved. She could continue hating Gabriella and with even better reasons now but he, how did he cope with the loss of his love for Aragon? He was like a father to Santino and she drove an unmendable wedge between them. Would he ever truly forgive her she wondered.

"Yes Judas I have truly forgiven you" he said.
"Damned telepath." she chuckled.
"Now the big question Judas. Do you forgive me?"
"Yes I do. I can't stay m--"

He took her around the waist and when his lips met hers she forgot what she was going to say. They made love for hours, slowly, deliberately, systematically and methodically. Every errogenous zone was explored. They drank up all the bounty each other's bodies had to offer and went back for seconds. Their bodies were postery written in carnal pleasure. She shuddered with the onset of each orgasm her back would arch uncontrollably and her whole body tightened and relaxws as each wave of pleasure crashed over her. They shook together when they were done, legs shaking, arms and genitals quivering. Santino was home Judas could rest more comfortably and feel safer than she had in months. Sleep came quickly filled with dreams of times passed when she and Santino were new and every new experience was clumsy and exciting.

Santino stood up and pulled his red silk boxer shorts up. Judas stirred with his movement and woke up.

"Where are you going?" she asked.
"To see the sun shine, you coming?" he said
"Santino? The sun? The sun will kill us both."
"Well then we die together come with me my love." he laughed
"What's this all about?"
"I like to watch sun rises and sunsets."
"How do you manage that oh wise Yoda?"
"Easy baby... the sun always shines on TV"
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"The Sun Always Shines On TV" by A Ha
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