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The Judas Effect Series: Story #9 "Dominic Pearson Part 2"

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"Dominic Pearson Part 2"

The darkness was alive, not alive with activity but alive as in sentient. Dominic knew now with his new senses that the blackness he saw all around was alive with colors, new depths of perception and patterns he could simply not see when he was breathing. Judas had spent a few weeks with him cooped up in the apartment teaching him the rules and what was expected of him. He was instructed about the others, other vampires who lived by codes of honor and discretion. He thought it was rather wasteful to take being a vampire for granted. 'Tonight' he decided 'I'm having some fun'.

Dominic looked out across the darkened street. Everywhere people scuttled back and forth like roaches under the street lamp's glow. The glow of the street lamp itself had it's own personality. It was palpable, it clung to everything that passed or lay under it. The light itself washed over everything and tried to preserve it in the visual realm. The oranges and the yellows of the light were almost fish like in the way they swirled before Dominic's eyes, infinite minute fish twirling aloft in a fish bowl of halogen. Dominic observed the lamp a long while before he headed on. Judas had allowed him to go out on his own as a rite of passage of sorts.

Dominic made his way down Beale Street pausing here and there to admire some ad or even a crack in the pavement. One crack in the pavement looked like a wound in the street. The colors around it were off and Dominic stared with wonderment as black ants crawled across it there in the dark. He realized this was something he never would have taken note of while he was mortal. After a while of taking in that bustle of activity in the side-walk's fissure Dominic looked up and down the street. He saw someone amazing, a blast from his past, walking down "the Beale" toward the Hard Rock Cafe. This woman Dominic was taking in he had never seen like this before. He had obsessed about her all through high school and had tried desperately to try and conform to her ideal so he'd stand a chance. Her name was Beatrice but everyone called her Bea or Betty. Beatrice had the old world creole look about her, her features were smooth and her skin was a perfect coffee latte color the perfect mixture, Dominic to this day always tried to match his coffee to her skin color whenever he would drink coffee. He was instantly struck with a sickening lump in his stomach because that was his way of holding on, his way of remembering Beatrice and with his new vampiric condition he could no longer drink coffee. Beatrice adjusted her Minolo Blahnik sandals as she leaned against a light post; the silk stockings on her legs shone in the street lamp as if the were some bio-luminescent eels.

She wore a pink and black deconstructed leather bustier under an open black wool sport's coat paired with blue distressed jeans. Her lipstick was cherry red and Dominic could almost taste cherry cordial just looking at her full pouting lips. Her eyes were done Egyptian style and her long jet black hair was cut like Bettie Page's. Dominic froze just taking her in. He could taste her blood, smell and feel it. Her blood had a texture all its own. He wanted to swim into her veins and never come back. Dominic could also smell her vagina; it was husky amber and a sweet and slightly damp smell. He could almost taste her nether. He drew closer as she continued on down Beale Street. Each street light she walked under tried desperately to hold onto her as she passed. The light seemed to cling to her and it was trying to preserve her. Dominic decided to play it cool so he dropped back a little.

Beatrice entered the Hard Rock Cafe looking for someone. The chubby blonde hostess informed Beatrice that her party had not yet arrived. She asked if she could be seated at the table to wait and the hostess lead her to her table. She thumbed lazily through the menu. The bus boy brought along some water glasses misty on the outside with the condensation of the coldwater on the outsides of the glasses. His small fingers left their impressions on the glass where he'd held them. Beatrice ran her index finger along the rim of the glass absentmindedly. Dominic watched her from outside the years since school had just made her more beautiful. Bea was always kind of punk and wild but always went for the future yuppie or jock boys much to Dominic's pain and agony. He had tried, fought hard for her attention. He remembered the closest he came was one night after they'd been drinking all night at the Knight's Out on Jackson. They both got pretty plastered. Dominic had proclaimed his love for Beatrice there under a neon moon as they left the bar staggering. She kissed him, quick and then she pulled back. She had given him the whole speech 'just want to be friends' and all that. Dominic never spoke to her again.

A dark form walking toward the Hard Rock on Beale Street emerged from the darkness and Dominic immediately recognized him, it was David, Beatrice's boyfriend. Not that David was a bad guy; in fact he was a great guy. David was a successful lawyer. He was well read, smart, funny and charming all reasons why Dominic hated him, bitterly, thankfully David always thought of Dominic as a friend.

"David what's up?" Dominic asked
"Dom is that you?" David replied
"Oh yeah it's me so what have you been up to Dave?"
"Well tonight's a special night Dom I am going to ask Bea to marry me Dom. Wish me luck."
"Oh shit really?" Dominic asked cheerfully trying to hide the pain.

Dominic stood there a few moments trying to sort it all out in his mind. David wondered if Dominic was OK. David took note of Dominic’s couture clothing and designer boots and sun glasses as well as his Bulgari necklace. Something was definitely different about Dominic and it wasn't just his clothes. Dominic just stood there staring in at Beatrice. He finally found the resolve to do what he had to do.

"Dom everything OK? Is there something I should know about? Did you start trafficking drugs or win the lottery" he said with a laugh
"David, I have a secret..."
"What's that Dominic Pearson? You read like a book, came into some money?"
"No Dave my secret is that you are a fucking dead man." Dominic said coldly.

Something in the way Dominic had said those words, 'you are a fucking dead man' made David believe he was serious. He tried to run but Dominic's new powers and the gun handling skills Judas had taught him were too honed. David made it to his car's door before Dominic put bullets in his back. The first struck him at the base of the spine tearing straight through nerve and bone easily, David's body started to collapse. The second bullet struck him between the shoulder blades and traveled through his spine and into his heart. David was a goner he knew it. He just started at Dominic as everything went black. Dominic looked around; no one even seemed to have noticed David was just gunned down on Beale Street. He wondered if his luck would hold as he took David's keys from his cold hand and opened the trunk. Dominic hoisted David into the trunk, took the ring David had bought for Beatrice and then closed it up before he headed back to the Hard Rock slipping the ring into his own pocket. 'Served him right for wanting to propose to Bea at the Hard Rock' Dominic thought.

Dominic sat across from Beatrice and just looked at her a while as she struggled to figure out who this gorgeous man who just sat down across from her was.

"Good to see you Bea" he said
"Dom, is that you? Oh my fucking God where have you been? You look amazing." her eyes lit up the way he always hoped they would before.
"Bea I love you, I always have" he said flatly
"Dom, I'm waiting for David, you should go." Beatrice replied
"Bea, do you want me to go?" he asked, his eyes flushed with desire
"No" she said


Judas had been following Dominic that night. She watched him from the shadows. She saw him obsess over little things, it was so endearing that he loved little details just like she did. Then she saw him watching Beatrice. She saw the love in his eyes, the desire in his eyes she wished he had for her. She watched Dominic kill that yuppie and stuff his body in the trunk. Judas also saw a glint of shiny metal on the ground by the back of the car. As she got closer she found Dominic had dropped the keys there. 'If you love something set it free' she said to herself as she turned the key in the door. She sat there while Dominic and Beatrice talked for hours. She sat impatiently smoking David's Djarum Black clove cigarettes and listening to Elvis Presley on his state of the art stereo system.

When Dominic and Beatrice emerged, arm in arm, from the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street Judas started the motor and left the lights off. Dominic and Beatrice kissed under a street light. They held each other close, her hand tenderly stroked his cheek while she ran the fingers of her other hand through Dominic’s hair. Judas intended to run them both down with this contrived BMW automobile. She admired the ebony black leather interior suddenly. It was so smooth and soft, she paused for a minute and she made up her mind. Dominic and Beatrice made their way down Beale Street a little further and Judas passed them at high speed. She decided she would beat them back to the house.

An hour or so later Dominic and Beatrice came to the apartment Judas and Dominic shared. When Dominic got to the door he turned the key as Beatrice leaned in to kiss him. They kissed hard and deep his manhood showed it's generous swelling as she patted it then rubbed it passionately through his leather pants. Dominic pushed the door open and walked across the living room. Beatrice thought she smelled gas as she shut the door. She walked into the kitchen to take a look. Just then Dominic found David's body in the bedroom laid out on his bed. He ran toward the kitchen just as Beatrice flicked the light on. The natural gas reacted with the spark made by the broken light bulb above her. She looked up just in time to see the tiny spark spread into an enormous ball of fire. Dominic saw this same event and thought the fire expanding in that way was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

The flame followed the tendril pathways of the gas and looked like a swarm of fire flies flying to and fro. The explosion killed them both almost instantly. Elsewhere, Judas turned onto US Interstate 40 with regret in her eyes. She adjusted the rear view mirror on the BMW just in time to see the flare of the fire and the billow of smoke as it reached for the sky. 'So that was Memphis?' she thought to herself as she turned up "Summer Breeze" by Type O Negative on the radio. She thought Texas might be fun for a while so she thought about JM Barrie again as she said "Second star on the right and straight on till morning".
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