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The · Judas · Effect · Stories

The Judas Effect Series: Story #6 "A Ghost Of A Chance"

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A Ghost Of A Chance

The rain crashed against the wood shingled roof in thundering percussion as Judas' eyes opened sleepily. The off cadence rhythm of the rain drops had awakened her it was off somehow not rhythmic. Santino had been here with her a month now. That sweet month, maybe the sweetest she'd ever spent, was like heaven. Judas rolled over lazily to look deep into Santino's piercing and soulful brown eyes. She had done so every night since he came back. Today he was not there. Something was definitely wrong, she could smell it. The smell of pure leather and sadism, De Sade perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab worn religiously by Aragon Del Fuego.

In an instant she was awake and sprung out of bed with alacrity. She reached for her Raging Bulls but found only empty holsters. There was a blast of movement and a sinking feeling of nausea in the pit of her stomach as her heart was transfixed by the stake in Aragon's hand. He was too powerful, too old and too damned fast. 'Damn it to hell what's next?' Judas thought. The stake immobilized her body but her mind was keen. She thought for endless seconds on what she might do, how this was going to play out. Then another thought "where was Santino?'. Her puzzlement ended abruptly as she could see Santino's one soulful brown eye peeking from behind the couch where he lay staked as well.

"I promised you little Judas that when you left me in Seville it wasn't the end of us" Aragon said in his stately pompous brigandly way. "I told you I would be around to collect you soon enough. My agents have been tracking you for months. I met the man in Las Vegas who my men dumped on the side of the road, he didn't die. I was amazed and after the beating he took from that cop too. All loose ends I had to tie up. You had intended to give that man the gift of immortality if he woke up weren't you? Well I unplugged him." he said as he came to stand over her.

"They were there in San Fransisco with that Indigo fellow. You killed my men and that whelp got away but rest assured I will find him and when I do I'll kill him too. My men were there when you embraced that bitch Hannah. I broke her out of her cage after I had well and truly fucked her while you slept. I waited till you woke up and I watched you touch yourself in the shower before I let Hannah go. I was there in Laughlin. I watched you throw that fat sow off the roof and when he came to I killed him as well. I followed you to Hannah's place where I arrived just in time to see you blow up the whole damned trailer. You killed the best piece of ass I have ever had. Hannah was quite delicious, especially since she refused and I had to force myself on her. Oh how sweet it is when they struggle. See when she ran she was really running from both of us, me for raping her and you for asking me to. Oh yes I told her lots of lies and turned her against you. She would have stayed and you might have had some modicum of happiness. Can't have that now can we?"

"Then Santino left my house without a word. Ungrateful little bastard! My men followed him here right to you. I knew my little whelp would eventually return to you, he loves you. Pity he has to die for his love."

There was movement in the hall, the scattered papers that had fallen there stirred with a draft of unknown source and origin. This house was never drafty so Judas suspected something was awry. Aragon could sense it too. The soft wind that blew through carried in it crackling energy and great power. It made the hair on the back of Aragon's neck stand. Something dark and angry was awake in the house but he could not see it nor sense it's purpose or position. The tension was palpable like a thick murky fog had covered the sene. The silence grew deafening, nothing stirred, no movement, no sound. The suspense was madness personified. For a split second all time stopped before the silence was broken by one of Aragon's men, Sanchez.

Sanchez's foot falls were almost a welcome sound to kill that choking silence. With a groan Sanchez lifted Santino off the floor and hefted him over his shoulder in a Fireman carry. Juan Alvaro Sanchez had been Aragon's most trusted companion and guardian for more than half a century. The blood Aragon fed him kept him young and strong despite his gray hair and grizzled beard he was very youthful in his manner. He wore a faded King Diamond t-shirt and worn blue jeans. His boots showed many miles on them he must have walked along side his master. Aragon could always count on Sanchez to do whatever was needed.

"You want me to put Santino in the trunk boss?" Sanchez asked with his thick central Mexican accent.
"No he goes on the roof for the sun." Aragon commanded.
"Ok boss, if that's what you want."
"Thank you Juanito that is what I want. The little fucker has crossed me for the last time."

The sound of Sanchez's foot steps drawing closer and then drawing away kept that ear shattering silence away for a few more seconds before he was gone out the back door. Aragon could sense it too, the silence came again and in it's wake more crackling power. Judas could tell Aragonm was, they both were, on the head of a pin. One nudge in either direction would send them both over the edge. Aragon stood for a long moment in contemplative silence. This force alive in the house somewhere had malicious intentions he could sense them. The entity had designs on him, it's malice for him hung like chains around his neck, the weight was intense.

Judas lay there in the cone of that piercing silence and as she did she began to feel a benevolence in it. Whatever it was had no intentions of hurting her she just knew somehow. For a moment a face, a familiar one, hung in the darkness just out of sight and yet she could see it. She knew this face it was the John Doe she met outside the Viper Room in Los Angeles, the very man Aragon just claimed to have killed in that hospital room in Las Vegas. David was his name she remembered, 'no David you must not be here, he will kill you' she thought. She could hear David's voice in her mind and see his adoring smile in her mind's eye. 'Judas' he said in her mind 'I am already dead'.

There was a long stillness all around the silence was crushing inward on all sides in it's density. Aragon was immediately struck with the realization he was about to die. His feet bungled together as he tried to run. He fell hard on his face as his hands did not react in time to break his fall. He realized that instant he had in fact fallen on a stake, a stake he held in his own hand. 'Damnable cur of a whore' he thought 'she will be my death'.

"Remember me?" David said in Aragon's ear.

Unable to move or see the owner of voice Aragon just lay there. In fact he did not remember or even know this person speaking to him. Sanchez came through the house at that moment. His feet heavy as they fell, slid slightly as he stepped and sloshed with the mud on his worn tractionless boots. Seeing his boss prone on the floor, stake protruding through the back of his fine Seville Row suit Sanchez ran to him. In seconds he lifted Aragon's body and made for the door fast as his vampiric blood infused body could carry him.

The wind kicked up throwing lamps, furniture, papers and leaves as Sanchez carried Aragon out the door. The spirit was angry and Sanchez having been raised with Santeria as his religion knew better than to mess with angry spirits. In minutes they were away on the Bentley. Sanchez was shaking visibly as he put his master into the front seat. He had not been scared like this ever before. This was real fight of flight, real life and death because Aragon could not help him.

As they drove on toward the California/Mexico border on US Interstate 5 Sanchez tried to piece together what had happened. He dare not remove the stake from Aragon's chest, not now, before he could find his master something other than Sanchez himself to take his rage out on when he awakened. Sanchez lit a Marlboro Medium cigarette with his oily paint chipped black Zippo lighter and pulled deep. He had seen a lot in the more than sixty years with Aragon but nothing scared him as bad as whatever that was in Judas' house. His hands shook as he clutched the wheel. He drew again from his now slightly damp cigarettewhcih soaked up some of the rain from his finger tips as he held it.

He glanced up at the rear view mirror to make sure he wasn't being followed and startled to see Santino's soulful brown eyes staring back at him in rage. He could not react, he was frozen there, terrified. 'Too late' Sanchez thought just as Santino's knife pushed through the skin of his throat. As Santino drug it right through his carotid artery and esophogus blood sprayed from Sanchez's neck like water from a rotary lawn sprinkler as the knife ran its course. The blood sprayed across the windshield and Aragon's Seville Row suit. Sanchez's head was nearly severed. Aragon knew his trusted man would not survive a wound like that. He immediately was struck with the very real possibility he himself might not survive.

Santino jumped from the back door and rolled painfully onto the median. The Bentley lurched to the right then jerked toward the median wall. The car was instantly airborne and spinning through the air in a football spiral as it soared over the wall and into oncoming traffic. Ten, eleven, twelve cars piled up, thirteen and fourteen before Santino stopped counting. Aragon would probably survive and he would probably be back so he would have to be ready just in case.

An hour or so later Santino stood in the empty house he and Judas had shared this last month, a sweet month, perhaps the sweetest he had ever spent was like heaven. Santino lit up a Djarum Black clove cigarette with his sparklingly new butane refilleable Zippo lighter as he surveyed the damage. Judas would be back soon he hoped. He drew deep from the now blood soaked clove cigarette and wondered how long she might be gone and if she was alright.

"Better get the place cleaned up" he said as he set to work.


The events of that night still on instant replay in her foggy and befuddled mind Judas tore down US Interstate 405 through Long Beach California. Her iPod Nano streaming "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by The Smashing Pumpkins. She rode on through the night alone in silence and in reflection. She wasn't sure where she was going but she would not put Santino in danger again. When David had freed her somehow from the stake she swore the apparition had smiled at her and begged her to forgive him for not waking up sooner so they could be together again.

Once free or paralysis, she immediately went to the roof and pulled the stake from Santino's chest after she kissed him and said goodbye. She didn't look back, he hadn't followed her and she was thankful. She saw Sanchez tear off with Aragon in the big black Bentley and she decided not to follow for fear Santino get involved again. Instead she just set off for parts unknown on David's departing gift to her, his Harley soft-tail, like a bat out of hell.

She took David's wallet out of the saddle bag and looked at his driver's license picture. She lovingly stroked his cheek with her index finger before putting it away and going full throttle into the great unknown. She laughed to herself and said "second star to the right and straight on till morning".
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"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins
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On January 12th, 2006 01:36 pm (UTC), dyskra commented:
I'm horrible at commenting on other peoples work. . I just adore this story, the characters, your style of writing.

Is this the only thing you have online?
[User Picture]
On January 12th, 2006 03:55 pm (UTC), blue_star_risin replied:
So far, more or less.

There is this... written by me and greenwich_ella last year which was for my friend Zak's Artistic Rights Writing Guild. We never finished it though.

Most of my work goes unfinished. I tried many times in the past to write whole novels to no avail. I want to start a community for amatuer writers to put all sorts of wonderful prose and such. Down the road I suspect.
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